During this open beta will all of our progress we make on here stay?

DiamondDom15 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 4

I know during the closed beta it was said we wouldnt since it wouldn't be fair. However would it be the same as last time or would we keep our stuff?

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  • ChickenCat
    ChickenCat Member, Administrator, Community Manager, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 13
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    We recognize how much work players will put into progressing and building during the Open Beta so we're intending to keep progression. That said, it's a beta so there is still a chance that tech limitations get in the way of this plan, and we don't want to make promises.


  • RaNdOmKiLs666
    RaNdOmKiLs666 Alpha Surveyor Posts: 23

    The devs have said beta progress will carry over for Steam users.