Destroy burial site, but why?!

leaf16nut Member Posts: 2

Why is there even an option to destroy a burial site? What purpose does it serve in game? Am I ever going to want or need to have more than 200 that I'll need to destroy one?

I saved up and bought the most expensive burial site, realized it wasn't what I wanted anyway, clicked destroy thinking it would destroy what I was working on, but instead it deletes the burial site altogether... It still says Owned but I can no longer build on or use it at all.

  1. Destroy seems like a useless feature
  2. I should be able to create burial sites using any and all my 'owned' ones
  3. I should get a refund at very least if destroyed
  4. It should tell me I'm about to permanently delete it, rendering it un-usable
  5. There should be a preview of burial sites so we get a general overview of the layout we're about to buy