Suggestions for base building

PaintedDeath Member Posts: 483

I want to be able to set a trap, such as a boltshot trap, to fire continuously until it is destroyed. Not to be a dick, but to work sort of how the pistons work, where careful movement will bypass the trap. I want a trap to be harder to destroy also, maybe place some sort of grating in front of it to act like armor for the guards. The trap needs to be destroyed with an accurately placed shot rather than just shooting the broadside of a barn.

I want to be able to make monster closets. After grabbing the genmat, doors open up/walls drop/walls disappear.

I would like the ability to have a trap reset after the genmat is grabbed, not just spawn.


  • Destructios
    Destructios Member Posts: 3

    I agree it would be nice if some traps like the piston were harder to destroy. Randomized timing doesn't do much when a crossbow bolt takes it out of commission entirely.

    As for the closets, you can put second wave on guards, I think, or hide them behind a holoblock with second wave somewhere.