Impossible Outpost

Varzin Member Posts: 12

I just ran into an outpost that seems to be impossible to complete. Unfortunately I can't seem to take screenshots in this game so I'll just have to try and describe the issue in text.

The first red flag was that HRV wasn't moving from it's start position, I later found out why. The entrance is a very long, straight hallway, 2 blocks wide 1 block tall. The rest of the outpost is unimportant, a few Enforcers, a few traps and second wave traps, nothing major. The problem comes in with that entrance hallway, apparently it's all second wave holo-cubes hiding corrosion cubes. So on exit that entire hallway is just corrosion cubes the whole way through. It's too far to try and grapple to the end and as far as I could tell there was no other way in or out. This effectively made the outpost impossible to complete as there was no safe way past this corrosion cube hallway. Since HRV can't walk on holo-cubes or corrosion cubes this outpost should be illegal since there is no other way for HRV to navigate to the gene-mat. Not sure how they managed to get it active without a legal path for HRV but I think requiring players to complete their own outpost once before it can be activated might help curtail builds like this from getting through.

I have the outpost name and the name of the user if the devs are interested in investigating this but I won't post them here.


  • clownkrieger
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    You can report them from ingame, best thing to do probably (should still work from the replay of your raid actually).

    And yea, thats a stupid thing to do, the possibility crossed my mind though when i looked at the corrosion cube upgrades lol (i would rather block the entryway and make a worse 2nd way to exit though)

  • hastarkis
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    It could be bugged and/or really impossible outpost since HRV isn't moving (so you should report just in case) but you actually can create legal base with this setup. The base has to have another entrance which HRV supposed to take on second wave. It could be well hidden but completely legal and possible.