Building feels restrictive.

Lemondo Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

I booted up the game and the first thing that inspired me was moving around with the grappling hook and the double jump. The combat itself is perfectly acceptable, but I feel like the most fun thing was just moving around. By that token I bought myself a burial site and immediately set to work hoping to make a level that might be fun to play by my standards. Perhaps a jumping puzzle where the floor is lava, but there's high ceilings and blocks hanging down you can grapple across while maybe an enemy or two shoots from below. Or maybe a very tall tower and you alternate between weaving through the inside and outside with balconies and corridors while you dodge traps and enemies alike, however both of those are sorta trounced by the harvester and being incapable of moving your sample around. Extended drops and climbs are totally ruled out, no floor is lava sections, no jumping puzzles or anything. Additionally I think it would be really interesting if you could design your level less around the play retrieving their bolts and more keeping it dynamic and giving people ammo packs along the way, perhaps for some extra building points or something. A risk versus reward sorta thing where you give them more tools, but you get more in return, but that would probably be hard to work around. Lastly it would be nice if you didn't need to spend time unlocking all the traps especially in a beta, I really want to start making cool levels from the get go and I feel totally boxed in on my design options. TLDR, I'd love to make jumping puzzles and other more platforming focused levels, but design options restrict that idea too greatly for me to enjoy building.