Old replays popping up

clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

I just had a replay in my list that was from an old oupost, pre-prestige-ing and upgrading it (so probably sometimes from yesterday), with actual date and time though... dunnow if it helps but here is a screen from that replay (cant report replays from raids on my outpost btw, just my own raids, no idea if thats intentional).

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  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    Happened again, same outpost - i actually had him offline for a day, then rebuild it completely and reactivated it, and then i got the replay from the old version (with new thumbnail and actual date...)

  • hastarkis
    hastarkis Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 580

    Could it be those players tried your map earlier and gave up? Then they keep your base in their list forever(?) until they finish or delete it. And ofc the game keeps the base as it was during their first attempt. So it seems possible to get replays of the older version.

    But could be bug ofc.