Tombs Blocked


I dont know if you guys found some outposts where the creator blocked the tombs that you can find to get some extra resources, i would like to know if the creator loose those resources when raiders find them and loot them...

If that's not how it works i don't see the point of doing that. Why would you block them? I guess they are suposed to be used like another optional path on your outpost and that way give you more options to set traps to kill raiders and also as an extra bonus for raiders if they reach that tomb.

I already found some outposts like that, with tombs blocked and idk... Can someone verify if the creator looses those materials when someone loots them?

If that is not the case... should i report the outpost for that reason? what do you guys think? would you report them?

Thx and have a nice day!

keep raiding!


  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    There seem to be a lot of people that dont understand the tomb "mechanic" , i dont think that everyone blocks them by purpose - you find a lot of plain open tombs on outposts as well. And yes, that is a wasted oppurtunity to build traps for raiders, i design my outposts now in a way that i lead raiders to the tombs and try to kill them there (didnt know of it/understood it initially as well though and i see people just running past them in the replays as well).

    I highly doubt that the creator loses anything when they get looted, and dont think thats report-worthy honestly.

  • Tom90FV
    Tom90FV Member Posts: 9

    First of all thanks for your comment :)

    Yeah i didn't report any outpost because since the game allows you to block them and if i remember correctly doesn't even tell you how you should use the tombs or wich purpose they have (if the game tells you i totally skipped that part or didn't pay attention, my bad if thats the case lmao)

    But yeah i was building my outpost and leaved them open or in the middle of the way while going to the core but i was even asking myself... should i block mine or whats going on here?? xdd

    That's why i posted this thread.

    Appreciate your comment a lot, thanks for clarify this!

    Have a nice day and keep building and raiding ofc!

  • Ggjustice
    Ggjustice Member Posts: 22

    I found some people who legit only block tombs with blocks and leave it so people cannot get them. I think devs should make it so that 1 side of it should always be open or something...

  • Tom90FV
    Tom90FV Member Posts: 9

    Yeah or they could add some tool/consumable to destroy blocks with limitated uses (like the weapon ammo) or a really long cooldown to reuse the tool (cuz if they'r intention is to block tombs they can add more than 1 block surrounding the tomb anyway so the limit of ammo to destroy blocks would make the tool purpose useless)

    I guess there is a ton of options to try and fix that, but yeah lets see if they change that for release :)

  • Flowart
    Flowart Alpha Surveyor Posts: 17

    the funny thing is that a lot of DEV ious TEAM levels dont call any attention to the tombs. no decals or paths that lead to them. Seems like a wasted opportunity for them to show builders how its done

  • TreblucFayle
    TreblucFayle Member Posts: 75

    When I find someone blocks off the tomb, they get no accolades.

  • 2lagged2frag
    2lagged2frag Member Posts: 8

    That's right, small 1, medium 2, large maps 3 tombs. around 50 Synth in each. No accolades, no matter how cool your map is, if I can't get my Synth.

  • Hodderfodder
    Hodderfodder Member Posts: 163

    Chalk me up to a builder who doesn't know what a tomb is.

    I sealed mine tight so that no one can fall into holes they can't get out of, and watched someone go through a corrosive cube and bounce around, I assumed he was stuck but maybe he was looking for this.

  • insonotic
    insonotic Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

    after realizing what the tombs do I made sure every one on the map was available and theirs no downside besides lost trapping ops to letting raiders get to the tombs, if anything tombs need to be better explained so the community can san show love by letting the raiders at least attempt to get them.

  • chezpizza
    chezpizza Member Posts: 120

    I have tried incorporating forgotten tombs into my designs as best as I can. Rerouting Harvey to swing pass the tomb if possible, just so people aren't wasting time exploring nothingness, and if I can't I decorate the tomb with banners so they have find it and move on - don't get me wrong I will throw a trap or two near the tomb if I can (evil laugh).

    I kinda wish tombs were options like traps that the builders can place down instead of random ones perhaps with its own harvey to ensure its accessible.

    Continuing off the same idea, a new value icon could be displayed to show off high value outposts. I feel like this could be used instead of overdrive.

  • oppie
    oppie Member Posts: 4
    edited February 16

    I leave my tomb accessible but I still trap it because, well... I want those kills.

    I never make it impossible but depending on the skill level I'll adjust it for sure. I.e. normal had an arrow volley hovering above almost in plain sight (got two lol) while my brutal one had a aside cube room that you could get into; but needed to hit the grapple and wall hang perfectly to achieve. Of the two others on that same map, one was plain sight and the other one was hidden behind a holocube lol

  • Rookie1978
    Rookie1978 Member Posts: 75

    I don't really care that much about it honestly. I usually just leave light trails going to mine, but the bases are supposed to be deadly and unwelcoming, if some goober wants to block off the tombs it's not going to mean anything to me. I saw people on the steam forums saying they were going to block people for doing it and whatnot, which is an extreme over-reaction.