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Good morning,
I just tested "Meet your maker" impossible to reset the keys.

The game tells me that the key is empty when I remap everything.

do not understand

anyway the uh looks great

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  • NerdySatyr
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    I've had this issue too,

    Multiple options are bound to the same keys, so changing one will undo all of them and it's impossible to rebind them so you have to find new keys for them.

    Ontop of this, as you say we are unable to Reset to Default, so my controls are an absolute mess now :(

    I really hope you implement a fix for this soon so I can reset my controls back to default,

    Otherwise, is there any support yet I can reach out to? In the mean time, are there any config files we could edit or such to get my controls back to normal? Thank you for your help

  • NerdySatyr
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    I managed to find a fix,

    Go into your localappdata and find the MeetYoourMaker file and delete the custom input file, should be something like;


    Once deleted it should reset your controls to default, phew :)