Social raid levels shouldnt need an activation slot

Flowart Alpha Surveyor Posts: 17

Was trying to play a level a friend wanted to share with me. Could not find it in social raid. Turns out it didnt work because he didnt have a open activation slot. So he had to set another outpost to inactive to free up a slot

This felt kinda wrong, like not the way this feature would work. At first it seemed like an awesome solution to having a level 10 prestige outpost "live on". Like all maxed out outpost could retire to the social raid section and wont be "dead" forever

Another thing i would love for social raids is to be able to social raid outposts that are set to "active". and just have the player not get any rewards. Its a little unfortunate that the buildins have to deactivate outposts and set them to social whenever a friend wants to try them


  • lexlimbo
    lexlimbo Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

    Agree with this. It feels weird to be punished for wanting to social share a level by making it require an activation slot. It would be nice to be able to play someone's catalog of levels without having them to share them one by one.