Stealing your ammo

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So I was raiding a base and found a very unfun build practice. The person had put a regular enemy with a pit containing the burn cube thing right behind it. By shooting the enemy it would fall backward into the pit and effectively prevent you from recovering your arrow. I'm sure if you had the increased distance you can recover your arrow you might still get it, but without using that frame and having that perk it's literally impossible to recover your arrow. I really don't think that kind of thing should be doable.


  • clownkrieger
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    Well its effective but cheap and cheesy imo. And yea, people get annoyed and you probably dont get good accolades on that outpost.

    Btw, imo the prestige-costs for upgrading levels are a bit low... and accolades should have a big impact compared to kills to weed out those stuff i think.

  • Shadous
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    Oh yeah, I like that idea. Would make it more profitable to not do un-fun gimmicky things just to get kills.

  • chezpizza
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    I feel like perhaps there should be a perk that recharges your ammo after sometime (maybe restore one ammo after 30 or 60 seconds, but lose an amount of resources collected) or after destroying a few traps.

  • _RupTurE_
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    I just use melee when I see that. I ran into it once and then learned how to beat it. It's not bad imo, part of the learning process.

  • chezpizza
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    I have seen it the "floor is lava" builds where the guy is across the room, you can't zipping to melee for various reasons but if you shoot him he ragdolls away with your bolt in the sea of Corrosive cubes.

  • Loys
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    Imo that is just to force you to use certain weapons or tactics. Its really no issue at all. Players are just super inflexible and always cry about buhuhu this is unfair, because they seem to only be able to use one playstyle. Its not unfair. You just use the wrong strategy. I mean if its like you described a single enemy you are obviously supposed to melee him or get close and shoot him into the wall instead of pushing him into the pit. You can even upgrade the crossbow which gives you like 12 arrows and together with the other one its 16 or more - don't quite remember. So this strategy becomes obsolete really quickly unless you are someone who tells themselves I HAVE to get that arrow back. I punish those people in my mazes as well, but they are never unfair, because you can't lose more than 6 and all are avoidable when you use the correct strategy.

    Sure there are also these giant rooms with 20 enemy mobs, but you can use the speed boost and shield for these and rush through them and straight up ignore the players bullshit. I always loved to see giant rooms full of enemies, because those are usually super easy with the correct setup. So for these types of maps its the wrong approach to want to kill everything. I also dislike the idea of making it relying on accolades to much, because when people die a lot they don't give accolades for various reasons they made up in their head. "The map was to long, the map had to many corners, the map was unfair because of x". I might be wrong about the last part, but imo it would lead to you only see easy maps which look good on the surface, but are shallow, because people like those...I made a super barebones one for my first attempt and it got 0,5 kills on average. It had a nice looking devil face when you started the map tho and people gave it so many accolades lol. It had actually nearly 6 times more accolades than my other more elaborate maps even though it was actually boring design wise and gave nearly no rewards.

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    I've encountered these as well not a fan. I was thinking that there could also be a gadget option of ammo box. Its cheap and beginner friendly enough that those who spam corrosive box + guards get countered.