Under rewarded building efforts

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The short: Taking time constructing an outpost rewards you equally to those who quickly build and activate.

Level design is tough, but fun to play around with. MYM does a great job at giving players the tools they need to make a level from the ground up, but fails to substantially reward their efforts. Considering that all outposts will eventually be deactivated for good dedicating many hours to a single outpost is a sacrifice. Avoiding that sacrifice means creating an outpost as fast as you can. However doing so takes the fun away from the player raiding your outpost. As the raider seeing similar copy and pasted guard spam, trap spam, all in a tight 1x1 long hallway gets stale quick, but without much incentive to do better it's something you could end up seeing plenty of.

Hopefully the future of MYM will encourage more creativity.


- Rewards for reaching x amount of <insert outpost interaction> (raiders killed, x specific trap kills, raiders killed after picking up the genmat, etc.)

- Weekly building challenges

   - Construct an outpost using only the following randomized traps and earn x kills

   - Create 3 valid harvester paths to the genmat

- Multiplier for passive genmat generation based on prestige level

   - A newly purchased outpost would passively earn the base rate of genmat (1x)

   - A prestiged outpost on level 2 would earn more passive genmat (i.e. 1.2x), scaling for each subsequent prestige level

- Prestiging an outpost to the max level would net a large bonus

   - Champion outposts do exist now, I'm not sure what bonus they produce for the builder though.


  • Shadous
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    I really like the idea of the weekly challenges to use certain things. Would also encourage people to try something new and others to come up with new clever ways to use the limited available traps.

  • hastarkis
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    IDK about weekly challenges. Like I have 5 slots for active sites and I have 5 active sites, they all good and work giving me genmat and stuff, they all have 1+ day of genmat and 10 prestiges max (1-7 prestiges to go as for now). So 10-20 days of active time for each base in total. Plus everyday I check site offerings and buy new sites with good properties (capacity/genmat pool/genmattype) to create new bases in advance so I don't waste time later after base's retirement and just activate new outpost instead.

    And to complete these weekly things I need to buy a site (I won't use those I've bought already to not waste their time), create smth specially for the challenge, deactivate my current well builded outpost, activate this one (probably isn't that good for kills and acolades bc of restrictions) and wait to complete the challenge. Why to do so? And after completing challenge I have a base I can't really keep active bc it makes less resources than my normal bases and I either keep it inactive untill next challenge or completely rebuild it "in advance". It's easier to don't bother with those challenges and just build in advance as I do now.

    I agree they need more rewards for builders tho, especially this genmat multiplicator sounds good. And moreover I think they need a little higher prestige cost plus make acolades impact much bigger. To make fun and creative bases more profitable than boring death chambers.

  • clownkrieger
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    I had an idea instead of contests: How about gimmicks you can unlock for accolades?


    • Emblems/decals/props for a certain ammounts of votings that you can display at the entrance or in your outpost (there can be different for each accolade and they could even have tiers)
    • Additional slots for outposts (probably only social slots, but this way good builders can keep their burned out masterpieces published for the community)
    • Im sure you can think of more stuff :D

    That would motivate to build for rating rather than genemat and give builders cool stuff to strive for.

  • Viktoriusiii
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    Every map NEEDS a better preview page.

    There are a view things it needs:

    1. Completionrate - simple. The more players play it to the end the more fun and "doable" it is. I quit every guard/trapspam map with no accolades... so they don't get at most 1-2 deaths out of me
    2. Descriptions. Basename, A description as well as earned accolades and a customizable Mappreviewpicture (If the main thing is a fun main room, why show how bad it looks from the front?)
    3. Give us a way to give negative accolades. "Chore" "too long" "unimaginative" "exploity" to combat bad mapdesign.

    Also it needs to reward good maps more. You only gain prestige from accolades... I don't need that, if kills can give me that AND ressources.

    I'd even go as far as to say let good maps give the red ressource. It is really rare and you need it for everything. So a good base can help you upgrade your stuff faster.

    While I am on topic: WHY do I have to raid to get better traps? You have 3 ressources... yet I need the same ressources for traps/guards and for suits/weapons/tools (blue is for the latter, but still).

    I am not a big raider (especially in todays meta), so let me earn better traps by building better maps.

    Also let me block maps. The same stupid map (that i quit every time) showed up like 5 times before I remembered the picture and didnt even bother.

  • hastarkis
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    Have you abandoned that map?

    After you quit the map, it stays in the list for you in case you want a revenge. If you don't want that you need to abandon it while on world map ("C" key by default). Then you won't get it again.