My list of overpowered building strategies

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before the beta goes offline I thought it would be good to compile a list of building methods that's are possibly more powerful than they should be for the devs. Please feel free to comment your own.

  • if a fake wall is set to only activate after the gen mat is taken it will do so instantly unlike other traps, allowing players to have traps hidden behind them activate instantly. ( this seems to have been recently changed by the devs )
  • Placing lava cubes behind enemies, enemies on ramps with cubes beneath: this causes the corpse to often become unreachable costing the player ammo, many players are aware of this however the counter is melee or killing from other angles, neither of which are particularly nice ( placing a fake cube with lava underneath below a slope also works and catches experienced players of guard )
  • chain traps and homing bolts shooting through lava, this may not be an issue but it can often feel too much to have a trap that's too far out of reach to reliably recover ammo from that can do this, the issue especially with chain traps being that if multiple are used its very difficult to deflect all at once making this particularly unfair.
  • fire traps shooting through active pistons, as fire traps have a large and active hitbox that can cut off a large area, the normal counter is to either get in range quickly with invincibility or shoot it, however pistons can block both of these approaches and placing the random timer on them makes it very difficult for a player to shoot / navigate past without luck. if it weren't for the timer and possibly the overwhelming range of dragons breath this wouldn't be the biggest issue as with skill this trap setup can be beaten.
  • Multiple flame traps out of reach in a room : this is simple but as they have a large active hitbox, infinite fires and don't damage other traps. they can be placed such that with the limited ammo count ( and leaving the floor below them as lava to drop grenades ) they are too far away to reach normally ( or if not multiple can be placed overlapping leaving melee as a poor option also ) making this a particularly powerful if not ( done correctly ) impossible strategy to overcome. My only method of circumventing this so far has been shooting primary traps and using the two invincibility bubbles while hoping the room is short enough I can get through without needing more.
  • coating a large room in lava, filling with flying enemies and turning the path into anything which requires time to pass. A lot of players have found the strategy of just putting everything in a big room and waiting but most are beatable with skill, however lining the walls with lava prevents any grappling, enough grouped enemies prevents grappling too said enemies, and paths can be constructed that require a player to wait to destroy multiple traps or require i-frames, the issue being if the path is long enough the options for I frames can be exhausted / on cooldown. ( this strategy is not exclusive to this exact implementation however i believe it to be the most effective )
  • a base can be built such that the crawling bot ( I forget the name sorry) is forced to take the long way around a base to get to its entrance while a player would be able to enter normally, this means the player can either wait for a while each death to see the path or do without.
  • capacity can be calculated wrong ( too low ) after a base is prestiged, this can result in a much higher base capacity than should be allowed, ive managed to reach a capacity of over 12000 on an active base with this.

Im certain there are many more strategies other than this, I would like to also confirm there are many useful ways to setup traps but these ones are overly useful for how little effort it requires, most have counters but should be limited in some regard as using too many can easily drain a player of resources till it is borderline impossible to win. I will be making a separate post regarding my suggestions to counter these and also other general in game ideas.

However after all that, can I give a truly massive thanks to the devs for this as despite the minor issues I love this game and its unique gameplay. Its become a nice little obsession for me during beta and I cant wait for when it releases.

-check larger bases built by McNady on steam for examples (most) of these methods

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