Open Beta: Surprisingly burnt out

I've only made a few bases so far, and I'm pretty tired of it. I enjoy the creation aspect, but really, nobody is raiding it and my genmat just depletes itself.

I'd much rather have this deplete when people stole the genmat, and in that case I could blame myself. But I purchased a 4k unit outpost yesterday and by the time anyone raided it, genmat was already much lower.

Less people seem to be raiding, so my stuff dies faster


  • ReticulateLemur
    ReticulateLemur Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 5

    What was your outpost rated at? I suspect most people aren't running the higher rated outposts because they tend to be designed around maximum trap density instead of clever trap placement. And I know I prefer the clever outposts over the ones that just make a room full of plasma traps, grenade traps, and flying guards.

  • whiskeyplz
    whiskeyplz Member Posts: 5

    I have one small one and one large. Both have dwindled.

  • Gruffers
    Gruffers Alpha Surveyor Posts: 17

    Normal and Brutal get raided the most. Dangerous is a no-mans land.

  • konchok
    konchok Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 1,719

    Honestly IMHO, break the bases into just 2 categories. Normal and Brutal. Keep Brutal the way it is and have normal go to the current Dangerous.

  • Flowart
    Flowart Alpha Surveyor Posts: 17

    I mainly play dangerous and do brutal when its champion time. Dangerous is really fun and often dont take crazy long. Seems like the funnest to play

    Wonder why others avoid it