Is it worth it to prestige early?

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In what situation should I prestige early, and in what situation is it better to wait?

Thank you, raiders. May your suits be free of sand.


  • 2lagged2frag
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    I prestiged just to reset the bases, since I used all by Gene and had the Synth. Gotta keep production rolling!

  • noggieB
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    Looking at the prestige page now, it seems:

    • If you want Parts and Synthite, then you are better off waiting for more kills.
    • If you want Genmat, then prestige early to get that 15% bonus.

    Also if you are in a hurry to expand you outpost's capacity, then you may want to prestige it without waiting.

    Having said that, you will still get Parts and Synthite if you prestige. But if it's harder to prestige at higher levels, then - unless you have a beloved outpost that never dies - you will be shortening the life of your outpost by prestiging early.

    Do I have it about right?

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  • noggieB
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    There is another consideration: Due to the current exposure algorithm, it seems like I get about 6 raids in the hour or two after I publish an outpost. After that I get zero raids for the rest of the cycle! Therefore:

    • If you outpost has been raided 6 or 7 times as usual, in a few hours, but since then you have had no raids for many hours, then probably you will not get any more raids. In which case, you may as well prestige early, to get the genmat bonus.

    This advice may change, if the exposure algorithm for getting raids changes.

  • MadMoeZel
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    i never prestige early.

  • Hodderfodder
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    I've only prestiged early once and that was because I needed more capacity to get ready for a contest. I was unaware of the genmat boost, I tohught you lost all the excess genmat you could've gotten from extraction.