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Adding a demand for Raiders/Builders and rewarding people when they answer the demand.

More red material. Or trade for materials, I personally find that i have way too many blue materials.

Maybe some kind of Bounty system to incentives people to raid certain outpost.

More information on optical mod in Guards its not clear weather it increases range as well or only gives increased vision.

Rework Prosarmogi buff it feels really unneeded atm and on top of that you need red material which is hard to come by...

As outpost gets more kills gets really good stats[try/kills ratio] give a bounty to clear it or just the next Raider that clears it give them extra rewards for being one of the few to clear it or something. And same for Builder make them get more materials as the base is better but once it gets cleared it resets that benefit or something like this.

Wish wind particle effects you used for outside of the base/desert were on top of the base interacting with other objects as well [At least for people who checked high graphics setting]


Add a system where it shows currently MOSTLY played DIFFICULTY of maps[Normal Dangerous Brutal] so that builder knows which current difficulty of maps is most popular so he can build that type. I believe it will help you with people constantly complaining about not enough raiders. In the current state people mostly make NORMAL difficulty map and Raiders prob prefer other difficulties...

Add Trap/guard MVP kill stats on profile when checking our outpost

Reduce Orange material by 50% and replace it with blue for doing prestige of outposts.

Increase outpost cap from 5 to 10 or make it 7 by default and then work towards 10 by progression or something similar.

When players give feedback for Outpost make it so builders can see list of all feedback for that outpost [the way Replays are displayed atm ] with raiders stats such as trap kill deaths and so on to what they died would be nice.(or maybe merge it with Replays not sure)

Ability to collect all resources from base without even loading in would be really nice.

More info in Replays like X amount of traps destroyed and maybe X amount of traps not activated or something like this...

There is not a clear info about what makes your base Normal/Dangerous/Brutal and there should be base builders can see what is the minimum and maximum for their base. While base building there should be indicator [based on whatever current system is for example number of traps or just used capacity). If current system involves Capacity to determine this i would advise strongly against it for it ruins possible creativity for base builders you should be able to have unlimited bricks better switch it to limited amount of Gaurds/Traps only. With that said some people might abuse this system just waste peoples time by having infinite walking... So maybe have MAX travel distance for the Turtle/little servant.

SIDE QUESTION for everyone is the turtle/servant working for the outpost or for the raiders? Always wondered that when he body blocks me into getting shot :)


Many people and myself notice not so many raids are happening in our base due to lack of players or just bad system in place i cannot say. But i can say after playing for a lot for this past days i notice same bases happening again i find it really weird given the "lack of raiders". Not sure if bases are server based but i think everyone should be able to attack base from any region since you just need to download the base.

At the end of the raid have MVP like move of the run or something small clip of players movement that system found interesting like 5-10sec clip or something could be nice to hype players up and give them good feelings after all that stress they endured


-Prestige/outpost leveling is bugged mainly capacity and it is very annoying

-Sometimes your sword would not swing after grappling

-When checking base if we check deaths of raiders it doesn't clear notification from the UI when checking outpost from Chimera base build menu.

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    great feedback can support basicially everything.

    Difficulty is calculated REALLY badly (based on traps/guards instead of deathratio) so one of my bases has only a 1.5 ratio and is ranked "brutal" while another is at 8.8 and also brutal (0.7 is normal)

    The ability for a replay is AWESOME. The game already gives you things like "trap destroyed" "close call" and "parry"... if you have like a lot of these in quick succession, the game may grant this to you. Incentivises creative raiding instead of either YOLOing or turtlecrawling.

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    Bounty system is pointless if speedrunning exist and they can ignore 95% of the content i put up... i would have to fix all my bases against that if i lose a bonus when someone clears it (fast/deatless that is), and i dont want to cause those methods are super unfun for most other players.

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    For me personally Death Piston is MVP for killing speed runners in combination with Incinerator really helps with speed runners to slow them down i really recommend those. Warmongers also body block so good... But ofc speed runners can be annoying.

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    Yea ik what people use to counter them but i dont want to have pistons/flamethrowers in my bases, simply not my style :D

    I use other traps in combo-setup now and even try to bring them to use their shield first so i can kill them on cooldown.