Harvester loses its path

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After me and a friend built an Outpost that got raided once or twice, we went back in to do some edits and suddenly the Harvester had lost its pathfinding. Instead of following the path it had been using, it kept getting stuck and trying to pathfind through a wall. No matter what we tried, we couldn't get it to change its path back to what it had been previously.

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  • noggieB
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    This can happen due to a missing block, or a block that gets in the way of his path.

    I can usually find the problem by walking the path myself.

    However, I did experience one pathfinding bug, in Meredith by noggieB (me):

    If that's the same bug you have, then good lucky finding the problematic block!

  • NerdySatyr
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    I have this happen multiple times a day with a certain map of mine, just keep exiting and then loading back in until it fixes itself :)

  • madda
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    hi there,

    had this issue too, no missing block, but it seemed that an tombstone blocked the way?

    Can't get the harvester get back to walk, it's just a normal ramp, no other blocks working and even rebuilding it doesn't get a working path ^^'