Feedback/QoL and other stuff - LIST

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Hey there, I played for a good while and wanted to give my personal feedback. I greatly enjoy the game so far so don’t take the “criticism” to heart. Its just some stuff I think would make great additions. Feel fry to add your own or correct/critise my stuff. I think these types of threads can help the devs a fair bit. Especially when multiple people discuss the different points. I am sure there are things I missed or could be better solved.

I try to sort the topics by importance from the most wanted change/feature to the least. Just remind yourself that it's subjective and just my personal list!

It will be long. So I hope you are prepared, haha.

Loot Collection from Inventory sceen!

In my opinion it’s absolutely mandatory that you can collect your loot straight from the menu without having to load into the map and that the rewards for dungeon length get changed. It gets super tedious after a few hours. There are two reasons why this is an issue currently. First it leads to cheap and simple base design. My first map was a long maze with lots of side paths and things to explore. It was actually an interesting map and a lot of people seem to have fun playing it seeing the accolades were 0 brutal, but a lot used fun and “intelligent”. I incorporated the yellow loot nodes in the side path and made signs which told the player they might want to check there. Sadly it got super annoying to collect all the loot in the side paths. So I switched the design on all my maps and made super simple “one path” bases, all normal difficulty, super short. Those are more frequent and even tho the total death count went down I made more bucks that way. Second, there is no point in making long and elaborate maps, because the reward is always the same. It doesn’t matter how long the travel distance is. That led me to make small and as flat as possible underground bases. That way it looks super small on the overview which players seem to prefer. So the thought is probably. I don’t want to do that giant looking map. It probably takes super long. I better skip. So again leads to sadly uninteresting map designs. 

Item drops should be magnetic

Make items that are dropped from traps magnetic. It’s so infuriating how players design their bases. A lot of people design it so that enemy mobs drop either really deep into a pit(if they have open bases) or they put lava cubes everywhere so that the minions drop into them and you can’t reach the loot. That way you can’t reach the trap loot either. So its annoying and unnecessary frustrating. There is really no reason to not make them magnetic. I even saw people go out of their way to build cages around the small lootable nodes that you can destroy to get the yellow stuff to spite you even more. Feels bad. The reason why you can easily do this is, because you have to retrieve arrows anyways. So there is no need to lure the player with loot as well. Btw the collection is also kinda scuffed. Sometimes you run above an item, but not even then you collect it. So MAGNETS please. 

Some adjustments to the building system

So this point might be worth ignoring since I don’t know how your system works. I will still include it, because it bothered me quite a few times. It would be great when I can set my own map limitations and I would greatly appreciate it when blocks wouldn’t be tied to traps and mobs. So I would like pre-map parameters like “IT can only be a normal map” so that the system stops me from building more. Then I can adjust before the map the trap count. In the sense of I want 4 spear traps, 6 flame throwers, 3 little shooty mobs and 2 big guys with swords. Before I enter the map the game tells me. That is no problem. You still have points left to add idk. 5 more things. That way you know how much stuff you can plant beforehand to make it a normal map. You can even keep the current system if people are not sure what they want to build. Imo you should be allowed to place them however you want, BUT I am not entirely sure about that. So yeah. Still a better guide system that make it easier to figure out how much stuff you can plant. I also encountered weird issues with the current system. I had a map with medium difficulty where I removed a trap and set it at the very end of the base where no other traps were. For some reason it went from medium to hardest and that really didn’t make sense to me, because the prior setup was actually a lot deadlier. 

Again maybe smaller space, but unlimited(well as far as the current system lets you build) building blocks would be great. Then reward long travel distance dungeons more and obviously make a limit on how far the harvester can travel. So to sum it up. More clarity and an easier system to determine the map type you want to build would be great.

Message system

I THINK(not entirely sure) I would like a message system a la Dark Souls. So give us pre-made sentences or Just one word with a few dots like “Take…” “Slowly…” “Only…ahead” “Expect…” and then some other words like “left”, “monsters”, “traps” “death” to finish those up. Obviously let us plaster those on some of the boxes. Maybe make it so that there are one or two starter blocks on every map quite a bit before the building area where you can leave a limited amount of notes for the player.  Obviously give us the option to confuse/mislead people since we are technically try to protect out base. Still would be nice to give player some idea what to expect especially on normal maps.

You could also add this type of stuff after a map. So people can vent their frustration or gratification, but only with predetermined phrases so there is no hate posted on your personal wall. 

Give the game a more rewarding feeling. 

The rewards feel kind of pointless at the moment. I have plenty of blue and yellow stuff, but lack a massive amount of red. Since this is a beta I am not sure we can/should complain about progress speed, but it is indeed a bit slow. I saw multiple threads claiming that and I agree. I played over 30 hours and don’t even have close to half the stuff unlocked. I still play with the basic starter stuff during raids, because I wanted more traps and mobs. Feels kind of weird when you put 30 hours in and are still at starter gear while you still have to unlock a few traps. I also have to unlock the majority of upgrades and I haven’t even looked once at the “hardware” vendor or the other guy (I actually forgot what it is right now - which is telling). I mean you guys already have great opportunities to reward players. Give extra red stuff for completing maps without death. Maybe give it only at medium and hardest difficulty so it's an incentive for players to try harder maps. Right now the fastest way to farm is probably just spam normal maps. I rush through nearly all of them without stopping and finish them usually between 30-60 seconds. They give 750 of X. I can also do the highest tier, but the rewards are just too low. On average I need a bit more than 8 minutes for the highest difficulty. One map rewards 3750 of X. You do the math. Also give MVP awards for runs. Give extra rewards when you clear bases without dying or under the average time etc. That way it makes you feel good when you get something like that. It also supports both playsyteles. 

Suggestions for the ranked system even though you probably already have ideas about that.

You have a rank system already so you might as well use it. Give one free upgrade or your choosing when you go from bronze to silver to gold and so on. Give small rewards for the in between rank ups. Make it feel rewarding to play your game. It starts great, but loses steam really quickly. It starts to feel like a chore after 10 hours which is NOT good! It will drive players away. So give players more incentives to play longer and make the gameplay more rewarding. 

Make a resource transformer tool in the base

There should be a way to make the blue stuff into the other two resources. It can be 1 to 3 or even 1 to 5, but I have so much blue and yellow stuff which I probably will never use. So let me use it to transform into red stuff at a bad rate.

More Raids!

Currently there are little raids on your hideouts. I got 7 raids in two days. So it’s totally not worth putting time into bases at the moment. If the player base is too small it might be a good idea to only allow only one or two bases per player so those are more frequented. For some reason I saw a guy with 50 raids in 2 days…So idk maybe the system is also not fleshed out. Still I put a lot of effort into a map. I redone parts of it multiple times and constantly optimised it after every raid. So it would be cool if more people would check it out before it runs out. 

Faster and more runs!

After finishing an Outpost it would make the gameplay so much smoother if I could just hop into a random outpost with the reward type of my choosing. There is really no need for me to go back to the outpost every time. 

DUOS are absolutely overpowered. 

Currently it feels like you can just send one guy running and the moment you die the other guy follows and revives. Not sure how to adjust this, but maybe have people make maps specifically for duos and give the base builder double the resources before the difficulty changes. I mean you literally play two vs one with technically half the resources and in reality you get less death when the duo plays it correct. Even though this works for the duo it’s also pretty boring gameplay. So limit the revives(if they aren’t already) to 1 at most or get rid of them altogether. Give them a quick restart button once one player completely dies and both agree to restart. Something like that to make it more interesting and challenging for duos, because right now it feels unfair to the builder and boring for the duos. I bet they stop playing after an hour or two with that type of gameplay, but the three duos I saw all used this exact tactic. So imo bad for the game in the long run.

Wait for me Mister Harvester

Make the harvester wait until you leave the preparation zone and walk a bit longer towards him. Should be better since sometimes I change stuff and the harvester is already gone when I reach the entrance. Super minor complaint, but still. Should be easy to adjust.

Make the rush style less appealing with a transformer and different reward structure. 

This is more of a personal opinion, but currently the best playstyle is to just ignore all the traps and just rush through the map. Works in 9 out of 10 cases. So make destroying traps more rewarding. Give potentially even rare red drops on rare occasions. That way rusher are not rewarded as much. Maybe make it so you can only get red drops if you destroy traps before they shoot? Not sure if that is a good idea tho. 

Another idea to slow rushers

Introducing the switch trap. So the idea is that a player who touches a switch somewhere on the map a trap that is connected to it will spring. That way you can time people who just try to rush your map. Probably a bit hard to balance, but would be great. I mean its imo a great kind of trap even when ignoring the rusher “issue”

Infos, Infos, Infos.

Give us more infos about our bases. Which is the best scoring trap, what is the average death count, how much did a map earn you in total, average completion time and so on. You can add probably 20 more things here. I am sure these things will come down the line, but I thought I would mention them anyway. 

The home base and story could need some work

Truth be told, I currently don’t care about the story AT ALL. 0 engagement. It's just a side note if even that. It's obviously fine for this type of game, but I wouldn’t mind if it gets a bit more interesting/engaging. Also as a side side note: Maybe only make the chimaera talk when you go close to her and/or attempt to “boost” her. By now I have heard her say the same stuff over and over and over again that it gets a tiny bit annoying(really no big problem).

Little tooltip

You might have noticed that I named the resources by their colour. That is, because I forgot how they are called. So when you are in the hub and press ESC, the moment where you see your characters loadout displays the resources in the top left as well. Then let me hover over them and show how they are called. That would already be a big help.

Yellow map nodes

Make it mandatory for map builders to make them reachable and included in your maze. Somehow....Also show on the overlay at the start how many nodes are on the map. So you don’t waste time going around a big block only to find nothing after a run.

I enjoy it regardless

Just wanted to say that I enjoy the game regardless. It's already fun, but it could still get a lot better. Also English is not my first language so I hope I made my stuff understandable enough. If not, just get back to me here and I try to clarify.