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My outpost had many kills i started collecting my game crashed. When i entered again all my resources were gone... And now my notification for those kills is permanently stuck on UI and keeps showing i have kills left to inspect...

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  • thehelplesshero
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    Similar situation for me. No pc crash, however, i waited until my Outpost was fully depleted before going into Build Mode to collect all the resources. I collected a bit before exiting back to Sanctuary early, with resources still to collect. The Command Center's UI then showed fewer 'new kills' notification (started at +405 and then after became +207 kills).

    Ever since i half-collected the resources, the Command Center UI shows the 'new kills' notification for the +207 kills amount. I have gone back in to the Outpost's Build Mode and finished collecting all the resources. I tried toggling through the Skull Filters, but no changes in the UI have occurred.

  • Flowart
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    leaving an outpost will auto collect all the resources.

    im not sure if thats what causes that kills to not update. But ive also had new kills not display properly as well. in the beta and also now