Traps too slow / New trap methods

What do you guys think about traps reaction?

In my opinion they feel a bit slow, i guess would be fine to maintain the actual speed of reaction for normal mode but i think for dangerous/brutal mode they should have a higher speed of response.

What do you guys think?

After watching replays of how people completes my outposts i feel like they should activate a bit faster, some players just run evading the traps since they are too slow.

Also... what do you guys think about having more traps that you can add to diferent block forms or traps with diferent block forms like... lava triangle cube or holo triangle cube.

Comment with your ideas/suggestions that way the devs can do something about it before launch maybe?

Have a nice day

Keep building/raiding!


  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    Triangle lava/holo would be super nice, but i can see that leading to even more cheese in basebuilding i guess.

    And trap reaction speed is fine id say, if people want to speedrun stuff and skip content i spend time and thought creating for them, let them, the others that play my bases the way i intended have definetly more fun (also its always nice to catch the speedrunners (some of my outposts are pretty good in that) and see them ragequit lmao.

  • noggieB
    noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

    Yesterday I grabbed the genmat and had five traps firing at me. I'm not sure that outpost could be completed if the trap reaction speed was higher. Maybe, only using upgraded equipment.

  • insonotic
    insonotic Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 3

    i think they are intended to be slow so builders have more reason to trap traps and or include guards but it would be nice if traps at least some had a mod to decrease activation time, like bolt and impale like guards do with faster fire rate.

  • MagnaRagnus
    MagnaRagnus Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    edited February 14

    I think traps should activate a little faster, so that you can not just walk over/past them and be save.

    Customizable holo and lava blocks(form and look(including second wave looks)).

    swinging axes,

    saws on rails,

    rolling boulder trap,

    static spikes,

    laser/trip trigger for traps,

    conveyor belts,


    gravity traps(delay grappling, make fall faster or something)

    (automatic) door which takes like 2(with upgrade 3) hits.

    And add a short clip for every upgrade so you can see what it does before you buy.

  • Lastpenfighter
    Lastpenfighter Member Posts: 18

    To add to this conversation, in my experience there are two approaches to raiding. The first is to methodically pick your way through, destroying traps and guards as you master the puzzle that is the base. The other is try and rush through. It's definitely the latter that makes it seem like traps are slow or ineffective.

    That said, I do not believe the traps should activate more quickly. That would make it even more difficult for the slower, methodical raiders. Instead, the onus is on the builders to create something that can't be speed ran. For example, I learned that using lots of turns, corners, ramps, and cramped corridors with grabby hooks and guards and obvious traps that are subsequently trapped worked perfectly to stop speed runners.

    At that point, the speed runner will either quit or become a more methodical raider. I feel like at least half of the speed runners I watched only tried it once or twice before switching tactics. :)

  • Rookie1978
    Rookie1978 Member Posts: 75
    edited February 19

    Traps aren't too slow, you just aren't building right. You need to FORCE the raider to think if they aren't already- you can do the classic piston and flame trap hallway gimmick to at least slow down a speedrunner's initial assault, but you should be building every single trap with other traps in mind. Multiple locations of bolt shot, bombs down ramps, hidden holocube bomb traps, things that catch the raiders off guard- think like a raider. Hide an impaler trap or a bolt trap in a space a raider would go to after breaking another trap, so when they grapple up to your first trap to break it, the second one kills them.

    Practically every trap is worthless unless positioned creatively or combined with multiple other traps. The Hook on it's own is practically useless, but combined with other traps can force the raider to deal with multiple threats at once even if the Hook itself is not a good trap. You need to think about the threat each trap provides and how you can slap them together to make PUZZLES, not just 'traps' as in 'hope the raider isn't paying attention so the 90th obvious impaler trap on the wall right in front of them kills them.'

    Most of your traps will be visible, and obvious. Combine them and hide them, use guards to distract. The game isn't designed for the raider to get completely blindsided by anything because it wouldn't be very fun. Every trap you place should be a test for the raider's reaction time and puzzle solving skills combined, and the guards you can throw in the mix should be supporting your traps, because no guard alone will ever be a serious threat.

    Make puzzles, support with guards, distract raider, surprise raider, hope and pray. If all your traps can be walked over, and if the raider is getting through your base by holding W or grappling through it, you need to redesign.

  • QuidamCraft
    QuidamCraft Member Posts: 2

    I think it's good to have traps effective against certain kind of raiders and others against some other kind.

    Variety should be the way to go.

    I don't see any fundamental problem with ppl trying to speedrun a base, it's a way to play. Not the one I prefer, but hey... If some ppl have fun this way.

    As long as we get ways to make their life a hell (as much as we can make slow paced ppl life's a hell!) and some bases could be designed to make this method not a 100% win, it's okay.


    However I believe base maker should have the opportunity to give an XP/material bonus if the base is played the way they intend (or maybe it could be an attribute of bought lands for base)

    And to make it fair, XP/material bonus should work both side.

    If raider successfully succeed with the added objectives, the raider gain 10% or whatever bonus on the extract and the base builder also gain a small bonus on each death, only if the raider succeed and managed the added objective.

    Added objective could be :

    - speedrun the base in less than x time (building base around speed)

    - destroyed said amount of traps (building base around carefully slow paced player)

    -activate given amount of switch in the base


    As both side (raider and builder) gain from completing the added objective, it would incite base building to make a doable objective, while still not being too easy as it will only multiply kills. And bring good balanced between difficulty and fun.

    And impossible/boring base would just be less profitable for base builder. As if nobody finishes... They don't get added objective either, No bonus for the base builder, either.

    Would also give a good incitive to do a map the intended way.