Outpost collect all mats option

Hi again!

Another thing that came to my mind was to have an option to gather the resources that killed players dropped in your outpost. Is fun to fly arround taking a look on how every player died and looking for all those resources they droped but sometimes the resources get stuck between/inside blocks or they are just hard to find.

Imagine that we had a collect button to gather all dropped resources at once in your outpost.

Don't get me wrong, im not complaining about how it works now im just posting this idea because i think would be an optional and nice game QOL improvement. At the end you can choose to fly arround and collect them manually like we do now or just use the button for a fast pickup and save some time.

Have a nice one!


  • clownkrieger
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    Thats a good suggestion, but you can actually load into the outpost and exit again and all gets autocollected - game doesnt tell you though (beforehand) and i wasted a lot of time collecting and searching that stuff initially myself lol

    A button directly on the build-interface would still be nice though!

  • noggieB
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    edited February 11

    "you can actually load into the outpost and exit again and all gets autocollected"

    Whaaat?! :-D

    Thanks, that's a great tip.

    Would be really nice if you could autocollect it without leaving the Sanctuary. To save on loading screens.

  • Tom90FV
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    OOOhh great tip there :) thx for the info!

  • chezpizza
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    Oh thank goodness, you can skip collecting. It was getting to me.

  • madda
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    Hello dear custodians,

    where i have to sign?

    They could declare it as a new option on lvl XX, so it could be a little progression feeling too.

    good raids custodians