What is the point of collecting genmat for Prota?

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I want to unlock more traps.

So it seems I can get Prota-specific genmat by raiding certain outposts, or by building an outpost on a "Traps" burial site.

However, this doesn't actually help me to unlock Prota's traps. Because all Prota needs to unlock traps is general genmat, and synthite.

So the only point in levelling up Prota is to improve her boost?

I mean that's fine, it's just a bit unintuitive. I've been grinding for the wrong thing!

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  • Viktoriusiii
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    The whole "upgrade only affects boosts" dynamic is a bit unintuitive.

    I guess there are simply to few guards/traps and gadgets in the game right now to lock some of them behind an advisor...