How to get the red material?

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How does one collect the red resource on the top left, I don't know if this is a dumb question, but it's always the resource I have the least of and I have zero idea what exactly it's called or how to get it lol. Only ways I know are through leveling up and upgrading the chimera.


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    At least in the beta, you got it from leveling up your chimera and completeing the daily level bonus (Cant remember exactly as it's been a few weeks, basically pick outposts that would level up research tiers)

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    You gain it by leveling up the chimera, by leveling up your weekly level (Called Tribute Level), and when you log in for the first time of the day.

    It is called Chimeric Cells.

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    Level up your advisors by doing bases or making bases, this levels your chimera, which gives you hundreds of red cells

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    The real question is how in the hell do I earn enough synthite to maintain bases? One of my bases is an Easy champion base that's averaging 4 kills and gets 10 plays per hour and it's not earning enough synthite to maintain itself. Like why??? And the best way that I've found to get synthite is by raiding and looking for the skulls, but I think they changed something from the beta because I think now they offer either parts or synthite and I feel like I get unlucky and get parts the majority of the time.

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    I agree with konchok. Its insane how low synth is... After chimera is 100, i wonder if you can go over 100 on shops...

    If you cannot then it would be even harder...

    So far economy seems to be nerfed quite hard. Also the buffs you get from shops are INSANELY nerfed before it was so many hours now its like 3 hours max duration of buff and change to cost is weird as well...

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    It does not. But you can get rewards past 100 while it remains on level 100... Or my base is bugged?

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    I'm was a dev from their AMA on reddit (

    We’re not yet locked on a specific plan for the Chimera, as we want to allow the game world and the community to intersect and give ourselves the ability to steer the game and its world and the Custodians’ journey in the best possible way for the long term, whether that may be evolving the Chimera or something else… for the time being, once you reach level 200, you can continue playing and gain rewards for your actions. On rank reset the only thing you will lose is some ranking points in preparation for the new upcoming season. - Julien

    Okay, re-read it. I think they meant player level. Guess I was too quick on assumption.

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    You get it from:

    Dailies. Weeklies. Leveling the chimera. Leveling your account.

    Top of the screen is your tribute level. Max level of 7. Goes up as you earn xp. At level 7 it repeats to give you maximum red cells. Resets every week.

    advisor diamonds - genmat levels. These are the 5 resources you get passively from bases or actively from raiding bases. Leveling up an advisor gives you a chimera segment.

    chimera segments along with all things red cells can be seen at the chimera terminal.

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    You raid and open vaults and level the chimera.

    raid large bases as they have 3 vaults compared to the medium and small bases which only have 2 and 1 respectively. Difficulty doesnt matter. You can raid normal bases for the 900 genmat and still do 3 vaults if it’s a large map.