How is the difficulty calculated?

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I have a super easy and creative base with a killratio of 1.5

It is ranked "Brutal" for no concievable reason. Honestly its not even dangerous.

If they interpret the hint correctly, they can go through the whole thing without even coming across a trap.

So what is it that defines difficulty? I got 28 raid attempts, 43 deaths and 40 accolades (only 2 of them are "brutal", because it is a creative map, not a hard one)

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    the amount and type of traps you use. And also how close those traps are to harvee's path

    Each guard or trap adds, lets call them, difficulty points. And guards/traps close to harvee's path are worth more difficulty points

    Higher cost traps and guards are worth more D points than cheaper ones. Corrosive cubes for example dont add very much


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    That... is so stupid. But it explains a lot. Thank you.

    I made a super difficult path (the one most ppl just follow because the stupid dog is there) one slightly less dangerous path and one completely harmless one.

    This system is so easily cheesable. It NEEDS to bee the deathratio. That is the only reasonable measurement for difficulty. Because this way I can make the most impossible map and it will still just be "normal".