Allow for vertical paths

Hodderfodder Member Posts: 163

One thing I'd love is if paths were allowed to be vertical drops/climbs. In order to proceed you drop down a hole, or grappling hook up to a ledge to find the tunnel. It would allow players to create their own jumping puzzles.

IDK how you could do this with the harvester, perhaps give it the ability to climb?


  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    You can make pretty cool jumping puzzles in this game with the right plot and plasmas/enforcers (and a few lava cubes to spice it up). Can set you an outpost on social if you want to have a look. You either speedrun it (which is possible for some and is basically grappling-jumping), or you must be super good with movement, timing and awareness (well arguably you have to be that for speedrunning as well), cause if you stand still for more then 3 seconds on the wrong spots or the main path you are probably dead (there is lot of room to maneuvre and lot of cover though). And i had someone fullclear and extract that deathless as well, mainly with melee, its possible (and was SO awesome to watch! :D)

    Wanted to post a picture first but decided against, spoilers and all...

    Vertical paths for the crawler otherwise, not so sure about that. Would make bomb-trap chutes even easier than it already is...