What do the Tags for Burial Sites Mean?

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So I see Burial Sites will have Tags that say Traps, Hardware, Suits, Weapons, Guards, etc. What do these tags mean along with the number next to them which is 6000, 3600, 4800, etc. I just got 900 to get my first Burial Site and wanna understand all the tags before I get an Outpost.


  • Flowart
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    those tags are which advisor gets the genmat the outposts farms. The big numbers are how much genmat the outpost has. And it farms at consistent rate. And when it drains it, you need to prestige to "refill" the genmat and keep farming

    So a bigger number will take longer before needing to prestige and will gather more genmat overall. But i believe will cost more synthite to prestige since they get to last longer

    And the capacity number is how much building budget you have to work with