Building UI ajustments

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Danger rating

there needs to be a bar across the top (or bottom) of the screen that fills up as you add traps to give players a visual gauge on how much things contribute to difficulty and how close they are to pushing their base into the next difficulty

Item menu

currently for blocks, each blocks is part of a pack, get rid of that. players dont want to be limited to what blocks they can use due to the arbitrary categories you have put them in. this will also allow you to remove the icons that add clutter to the block pictures (you also repeat info on how much an item costs to place twice on the screen adding again more pointless clutter), instead do like you have done for guards, traps and decals where you can have so many unique types

it should be set so players can only use so many unique block types (and decorations) per map, so 10 unique blocks and 15 unique decorations. that way players can be as creative as possible, this will also make the integration of future dlc into builds easier should u want to use existing blocks but then the decorations from the dlc.

the current 'packs' system is frustrating and needlessly restrictive. (anyone i have asked about them agrees they are stupid and that they just add more friction to the building experience)


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    Mellcor Alpha Surveyor Posts: 39

    the pack system was shoehorned in and makes the game worse.

    red you have the factory themed items

    blue you have the industrial themed

    green you have a couple of machine themed things these were the original 3 and then despite them being obviously from the same group, they arbitrarily split them up

    you then have brown being the medieval pack

    orange being the dead by daylight pack

    yellow being the Egyptian pack

    then purple are things that dont really match up with anything else

    its fine to sell things as 'packs', but dont divide up stuff into arbitrary categories like you have dont say its for aesthetics cos you arnt preventing people from making ugly as sin bases.

    dont say its for memory, cos if you do then i say just do what you did for guards, traps and decals give us a unique block/prop limit and let players do what they want.

    this is especially bad as maps start with red blocks on them and due to the tutorial being awful, players dont know about the delete all function so you have already allocated them 1 'pack' even if they dont plan on using those blocks.

    find me 1 person who can tell me why having 5 packs at 2 blocks each is better then any 10 blocks of player choice