Evolving the chimera, or opening advisor screen, interrupts their speech

noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

When I enter the Sanctuary and I am told to press the button, I go straight to the button and press it. But this always interrupts the Chimera's welcoming speech! Which just feels yucky.

Suggestions to fix this, either:

1. (Easiest?) When the button needs to be pressed, keep the Chimera silent until it is pressed, so there is no welcoming speech to interrupt, or

2. When I press the button, let the Chimera finish its current speech, before starting the evolve speech, or

3. Keep the button disabled until the welcoming speech has finished.

Similarly, it would be great if the advisors would finish their speech when I go to them and open up their screen. Currently, opening their screen cuts their speech off mid-sentence. If I don't want the speech to be cut off, I have to stand in front of them like a lemon until they are finished.

For an example of what does work: If I enter the Sanctuary, and go straight to the outposts map, the chimera keeps talking, even when I open the map. Cool!

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