Soften the early-game grind, e.g. discount the first few unlocks

noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

The early game grind for upgrades is damn slow. I wanted to unlock a couple of traps or upgrades for my first outpost, but I had to play for many hours before I could afford just one little upgrade.

Sure, make a long late-game grind, but please make the early a game a bit gentler. (Get players hooked first!)

A simple suggestion for how to fix this:

  • Discount the first 3 unlocks by 75%

That way, new players can actually unlock a few things in the first day of playing. They will feel the progress, and see the benefit of grinding.

It could also be interesting, because they can choose if they want to specialise in suits, or weapons, or upgrading traps for their outposts.

After the first 3 unlocks, prices and grind can be just as they are now.

Also suggested in this comment:


  • Hodderfodder
    Hodderfodder Member Posts: 163

    A bigger concern is that raiders can unlock gear that makes some traps trivial. The arc shield is apparently really powerful for instance, etc.

    Maybe give a trap for free.

  • noggieB
    noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

    Yeah it's true, the raider unlocks are really powerful compared to trap unlocks. So I guess it would be balanced to have a bigger discount for traps+guards than for suits/weapons/hardware. (There are also a lot more things to unlock to get the full set of traps.)

    I'd take that free trap for sure. It would certainly help.