New PvP Mode?

Tom90FV Member Posts: 9

Not sure if BHVR already said if they have any ideas about implementing a real PvP mode for this game but if they didn't and the option stills in the air for a future i would like to explain my idea and how maybe could work:

New PvP mode where you can choose one of your personal outposts, enter and try to counter raid the player or players that join your outpost.

For example;

You choose one of your outposts you want to defend, since then you join the list of server/outposts available that raiders will see when joining solo or coop in this new PvP mode.

1vs1 (Builder VS Solo raider)

1vs2 (Builder VS coop raider team)

2vs2 (Builder+friend VS coop raider team)

Ofcourse, for all 3 posibilities, the outpost still include the set of traps/mobs the builder placed and won't attack builder's team.

Once the builder and raiders are loaded and ready they join the server, the difference is that the builder will spawn at the core location and the raiders will spawn as we do at the moment, outside the outpost.

And that's basically it, now is builder's chance to help defending the outpost and raiders chance to kill the builder as a bonus!

Anyone who wins should get extra materials as a reward and there could be a PvP exclusive ranking as well.

What do you guys think? Any more ideas to add?

I think sounds possible and could be fine but ofc it will take time to develope i guess, i don't mind waiting thoe!

Have a nice day!


  • chezpizza
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    I personally feel if the devs introduce a pvp mode, that it should be with pre-constructed Outposts that players can add traps to. I think recall seeing this in the short-lived mmorpg wildstar.

    The concern is that folks could simply AFK pvp, with their "cheese" set ups to let the base handle the kills.

  • Redbeard_Steel
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    So a couple questions; would the builder be able to respawn & would builder basically be an "evil" version of the raider with all gear/weapons available to them (including movement)?

    I don't see how this would work well with respawning as an option, but without it, as long as the rewards to raiders was substantially higher (at least doubled) than normal it'd be a fun idea to try out. The reason I say the rewards would need to be doubled is, since you can die to one hit, all another raider needs to do is have the crossbow bolt with maxed rounds and a shield, then any long tunnel is a death trap (without traps being needed).

    Add in a grenade, and you could be killed by the builder without having any indication you were even near them a dozen times. More often than not, I survived a trap due to audio queues, and against someone who could grapple into a nook that no trap could actually be placed in then just camp till you show up? You're not gonna hear that coming. Sounds very easily cheesable (especially if the map itself is also super spammy).

    Hence the doubled rewards, because as long as the payoff is good enough, dying to a another raider a bunch would be worthwhile.

    Maybe even create a special guard type that the builders can place and take over that has a single weapon and hardware? (these could have multiple spawns per level based on some factor even, like high cost or limited spawns).

    All in all I think it's a fun idea, just implementing it before dealing with cheese issues would be very rough.

  • Redbeard_Steel
    Redbeard_Steel Member Posts: 32

    So would the builders be able to respawn & would they have full weapons/abilities/hardware (grapple)?

    I think respawning would be a bit too much, as killing them just to immediately show back up at the Genmat, along with traps placed all over, would make it the most irritating mode ever and I doubt many people would play it after the initial week of it's debut. Now, just having one life (with full gear) would be a lot more interesting, but the rewards for the raider would have to be a lot higher, at least doubled.

    I say doubled as the builder could place a bunch of blind spots where they could camp and you'd never have any indication they were even there until they killed you as, while traps have audio queues, a guy camping on top of a quarter wall wouldn't and if he's got the crossbow with upgraded round capacity, shield, and grenades, you'll be dead before you even hear 'em pretty frequently if he could just grapple anywhere. Combined with a spam map, if the rewards aren't high up there, no-one outside of hardcore masochists will keep playing the game mode and builder wait queues will be so bad you'd be lucky to get a match an hour. Now if the rewards are high enough, well, everyone has their price :D

    Alternatively, creating a new type of guard that builders would take over with just 1 weapon/hardware (or some different variations) would be interesting too, although there would need to be a limit to how many can spawn in a map in that case, though I think it would still be fun.

    Unfortunately, they'll have to figure out how to deal with speedrunners and cheesemaps first, otherwise this would be a god-awful game mode.