Extend the beta please! (till release in best case :D)

Seriously, your game is like... worse than a really bad drug for me, you got me hooked and addicted, you cant take that away from me again lol

Well yea, joking to some extend, but really: Ty for this amazing game and the opportunity to play it during this beta. really looking forward to release and will buy/preorder as soon as available :)

Also thx to all the raiders that delivered me these fantastic replays (i only build actually). The skillevel of some of you is beyond me, its so great to watch you playing my outposts! <3


  • Lastpenfighter
    Lastpenfighter Member Posts: 18

    I second this! THIS is the game I'd like to play in 2023. I mean, all year and beyond. I got hooked on DBD for about three years and really sunk myself into that community. I feel that happening here as well. I came here to the forums hoping there was some kind of extended or closed beta for the addicts like us but unfortunately I see nothing of the sort.

    I have no idea if devs are actively perusing these boards, but there are literally no hoops I wouldn't jump through in order to keep playing this game instead of waiting 2 months. Especially since I'm largely stuck at home with little to do as I'm in tons of physical pain. I'm a disabled veteran and often I resort to gaming as a distraction from my untreatable conditions. I'm sure I can find something else to distract me with, but if I had a choice I'd give BHVR any dollar amount they asked for if it meant I could keep playing.

  • Stryx
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    even if I would like it too, I don't find it kind of probably, however the possibility of "pre-purchase" and get access time before, I'd love it too, again, I don't think so, since they probably took this 2 months, to get the feedback , and act in consequence, fix main issues as the crashes and all, still, I'd be up to buy it right now to play.

  • IcePickle
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    I am also pretty sad that the beta is no longer available. I was very addicted to creating outposts, watching people play through them, and tweaking them.

    Maybe a break will be good though. Near the end, I was running out of tweaks to make, and it was starting to feel more like maintenance.

  • IcePickle
    IcePickle Member Posts: 3

    It would be really, really awesome if they would just let us pay full price to get early access to the game before full launch 🙏