Accidentally raiding outposts I already rejected arrgh

noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

Recently I quit a couple of outposts because:

  • I'm pretty sure I played it already (maybe as a duo) so I don't want to raid it again
  • It wasn't a style I enjoy, and I didn't really have the equipment unlocked for it

Unfortunately, the next day I tried to go raiding, and without noticing, I ended up raiding these exact same outposts again! Bit of a waste of loading times.

Suggestion 1: Indicate in the outpost selection screen if the outpost is one I have already visited before (could also indicate whether I succeeded or failed to extract)

Suggestion 2: When quitting an outpost, let me choose:

  1. BRB, means I want to play the map later today, so please leave it in the pool (what currently happens)
  2. Maybe later, means I might want to try this outpost again in a few days time (aka snooze)
  3. Never again, means I don't ever want to see this outpost again!

Would this feature be useful to other raiders?