Cannonback-armour too strong?

clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

I started building cannonbacks into some of my outposts, and i realized that their armour seems to be way, way more effective against melee than the armours of enforcers or warmongers for example, or their weak spot too small/hidden.

I mean its hilarious to see people slashing them 5-6 times before they blow up, and i see that they have a rather slow firerate and their projectiles are (somewhat) easily dodged, still seems way stronger compared to the others.



  • chezpizza
    chezpizza Member Posts: 120

    I have yet to encounter a cannonback guard but I agree armor is freaking strong in this game. I'm not sure if there is a weapon upgrade that makes armor easy but it's definitely annoying fighting a group of them packed together.