Would you play a head to head mode?

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Think of this being a 1v1 mode or could even be 2v2 or 1v1v1v1 etc.

Where someone builds an outpost but it's replicated/mirrored. The players load in and are bounded to their area of the map (their mirrored) section. There is a time to set loadouts and then when everyone is ready or the time is up. The round starts. Players race into the facility to attempt to extract first. The first person to extract wins, the others get to only keep what they collected or a portion of it.

If everyone dies, the round starts again and can keep going until someone does extract or everyone gives up.

This would promote a little bit more speed and less caution when raiding and I think add some competition and more social aspect to the game.

As for building, you would still only build one outpost but it could be mirrored from each direction N/S/E/W for up to 4 "zones" for players or teams to assault. So it wouldn't require more work by a builder and each player or team would face the same obstacles.

The only downside I can really see is people with more weapons/upgrades unlocked would fair easier, but this might be more fitted for experienced players anyway? idk.

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