Can we just see the stats for a level before we raid it please

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I really enjoyed the game. Even from the start I definitely preferred building over raiding and really liked watching people try at the base, die a load of times getting further in each time then finally get out leaving a 'fun' accolade.

Raiding can be really enjoyable too but I'd much prefer to raid the fun inventive varied bases and a lot of builders just seem to cheese for the kills.

Seeing the stats before raiding would save the time of loading the level going up a long tunnel into a room with 20 armoured enemies on far ledges with lava everywhere and just quitting out from boredom.

In the long run if only kills give people resources and there's no downside to building a boring meat grinder then 99% of levels will become that


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    Some of the most enjoyable raids have been brutal and I died lots before finally succeeding. They always have an interesting design that's built to be challenging and inventive without resorting to lazy easy kills though.

    I'd be much more interested in raids if there were more of those and I think the game currently incentivises lazy kills over interesting challenges

  • noggieB
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    I saw someone else suggest that accolades should have greater weight towards prestige points than kills.

    That would give builders an incentive to collect accolades rather than farm cheap kills.

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    Yea i suggested that as well, would be super cool if accolades of outposts would be shown in the previews. Maybe even the killrate, although that might scare people away lol (It was also me that suggested accolades should give more prestige/enable to lvl outposts higher/faster than kills btw :D).

    And yea, i was always happy when people that died dozens of times to my outposts still voted "fun", cause that means i did something right (We need to see the accolades connected to the reviews somehow btw, if you have a lot of raids or log in first time of the day you cant really connect that anymore ).

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    100% agree

    average time to complete would be cool too.

    Looking at the ways people complete bases in the replays everyone shows massively different play styles so more detailed metrics on bases will help everyone be able to choose ones they enjoy. helping the builders by giving indicators of the type of base will give everyone a more enjoyable experience too

  • noggieB
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    Yes to average (or modal) time-to-complete, and maybe even the kill-to-extract ratio could be shown.

    Then the long-grind high-kill outposts could be tuned to give more resources. So the challenge is there for people who want it, and the reward is there as an incentive.

    Stats like these might provide a better ranking than Normal/Dangerous/Brutal which don't always accurately measure the difficulty of an outpost. (Although as you say, the difficulty also depends on the raider's playstyle.)