Various ideas for reducing the number of loading screens

noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63
edited February 14 in Feedback

It would be great to reduce the loading times. Altneratively, reduce how often we need to get a loading screen. Some ways this might be possible:

  1. Let us prestige our outposts from the sanctuary, so we don't need to load in to an outpost to prestige it. Also suggested here:
  2. Let us also collect materials and change outpost status from the sanctuary. Also let us see time-to-depletion from the santuary.
  3. When we die during a raid, reset everything without reloading the map. (When testing a build, you let the player respawn very quickly, so I feel it could be possible when raiding too. Just need to reset the traps and guards to their initial states.)
  4. Would it be possible to keep the sanctuary in memory at all times, so it would never need to reload? It is only one room.
  5. Let us jump from a replay into building, e.g. when we see a trap that could be improved. (Maybe we can't reuse the outpost in memory, since it may be a replay of an old version of the outpost. But at least to let us skip the sanctuary.)
  6. Other ways to skip the sanctuary, e.g. when a raid ends, let us jump straight into another raid, or when building/collecting, let us select another outpost to jump to.

Any one of these could save a bit of player time. Less loading = more raiding!