Wild Card condition for Raids

QuidamCraft Member Posts: 2

When reading suggestion, I realize a lot of them would be both intresting and would also potentialy unbalanced the game a lot.

I think most gameplay modification should be added as a "mod" for a specific map, randomly chosen when picking a map, with possibly multiple of them.

Among this "mod" you'll get things like :

Solo Only, limited revive for duo, stronger guards (Like 3 possible mod on guards), stronger traps, no need for valid path toward the genetic materiel but rather a builder validation, limited time to do the objective, etc etc.

Making all of this optional would increase the creativity, and add a lot of variety to the game.


  • noggieB
    noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

    Once the game is live, wild experiments like (some of) those might be good as "limited time modes".

    That will give the community a chance to try them out, and see the results, but everyone knows that they will stop after a certain date.

    Then the devs/community can decide in retrospect whether that mechanic is worth adding permanently.

    (I'm sure lots of games do this. I know Apex Legends tested evo shields and heat shields this way, before deciding to add them permanently.)