[suggestion] Doors and switches

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Hello custodians,

for raiding in multiplayer, there should be lockable doors, that can be opened by switches.

So there could be a better feel of the need of another player for getting through a map.

You ask " ... oh, but the harvester couldn't get along it's path, this don't work!!!!"

pfff, the locked doors should have a little catflap, wich the harvester could use, but the player not ;D

think about just the harvester crawling irritated through the tiny catflap ;D

good raids custodians


  • clownkrieger
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    I was just thinking about that as well.

    We dont even need doors with keys or switches, and there needs not to be a catflap, it would be enough if the door could only be opened from one side - this way the builders amongst us that want to build some more complex levels (and dont necessarily care for kills/to annoy people) could give raiders the opportunity to open up a shortcut to skip a section of the outpost if they already beat it and then die in the next (besides doors would be a nice addition to decorate outposts anyways).

    Edit: to explain that a bit more, i had like "segmented" outposts in the beta and people that were set on beating them, and always felt a bit bad when they had to redo (or just rush through) sections they did already beat... yea im a nice builder lol.

    Edit2: Just realized that that the state of the door would have to persist somehow through the reset of base after rip... not practicable probably

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  • Redbeard_Steel
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    I like the idea of doors, especially doggy doors, but how do you ensure people don't just hardlock the doors at that point so that raiders can't progress? Switches/levers can be put anywhere, so putting them behind the locked door would be easy and as long as Harvester can get through, it wouldn't deny the build.

    I suppose that's true of doors in general though, if the harvester can't pass them, it won't let you continue, but if they don't hinder a harvester, then it's easily abused.

    I suppose as long as the doors were set to open/lock before/after genmat is grabbed, it would be a great way to force raiders into new pathways and avoid the harvester issue too though.

  • clownkrieger
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    Thats why i was thinking of a door you can open only from one side, without doggy door or catflap or what its called - you would still need a path that harvey can pass as well to reach the backside of the door (which would lead through a part of the outpost you have to fight through as raider first). But yea, that would only open up a shorter exit if he state of the door wouldnt persist through the reset of an outpost after a rip.

    I see the problem you mention, that would need some fancy logic as well to prevent, should be possible as well though i guess? I know nothing about programming such stuff though, so *shrug*