[Critical] Reduced amount of looted mat in your outpost does not reset.

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There is currently a bug that is hard to notice for builder but will hamper most of their progress if playing mostly builder.

When you loot an outpost, I believe there is a system so that when the same people die multiples times to the same stuff in the same raid, you get less mats over it.

This is fine and all, but the bug happen when severals raid attempts are on the same outpost, you will still get penalised even if its differents raiders, and even worst that reduced amount of mats loots does not seems to reduce when switching between your own outpost.

This result in screen and question like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/MeetYourMakerGame/comments/10ywavg/anyone_understand_this_it_feels_like_when_my/

The only fix I found yet to this bug is to restart your game between each outpost.

For some people with kda around 10, they need to do it between each outpost, and it become old very quickly when you need to restart the game 5 times each time you log in to get the mats you deserve. And that's when you notice the bug, most builder will not and will suffer heavy loss of progress.

I believe this bug also heavily invalidate the answers to the survey regarding progress for builders.

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