Beta-tester feedback

degeneradx Member Posts: 1

Hello there!

So, here is my feedback on open-beta. I didn't had much time to explore all it was presented but, at least, these 8 hours were a good time although I had some problems as a player who enjoy the possibilities of the "creative muder building" theme.

The game itself reminds me of "The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot" where you build your base to protect your gold and then raiders can try to steal it. But first you have to test, and if you die in the process, you get sent to the start, and THIS is what I genually missed here. Most of the kill boxes that had no creativity or thought behind them would not pass in this test, and most because in the test section of your base making, you get revived in the same exact place where you died, this open some kind of precedent to these kill boxes exist, unfun, unfair and unplayable.

The replay function is cool but exiting it and being sent to the front of the building tilted me somehow. It is kinda bugged too, but I'm sure it will be improved.

The sections of gear, traps and stuff, I really just found out there was things to buy latter on, because the Buff page showed first and the UI was not contributing very much. To be honest most of the UI I just went through without paying attention because it was a lot of numbers.

I really liked the time I played, my pyramid with a secret passage really made me laught every time someone went through all of the labyrinth to only realise in the end that there was a fast way to do it.

Hope it will return soon!