[Minimal] Lots of fake alert sounds and red visual for replays and command center.

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While in the lobby you always get a lot of fake red alert+sound signaling a new replay or kills yet to loot in your outpost.

In most cases, thoses alerts are false and no new replays or corpse are waiting.

I believe this bug may be tied to the kill count bug on the commander center outpost information windows (showing +x kill when no new raid attempts).

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  • thehelplesshero
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    Similar situation for me. No pc crash, however, i waited until my Outpost was fully depleted before going into Build Mode to collect all the resources. I collected a bit before exiting back to Sanctuary early, with resources still to collect. The Command Center's UI then showed fewer 'new kills' notification (started at +405 and then after became +207 kills).

    Ever since i half-collected the resources, the Command Center UI shows the 'new kills' notification for the +207 kills amount. I have gone back in to the Outpost's Build Mode and finished collecting all the resources. I tried toggling through the Skull Filters, but no changes in the UI have occurred.