Can we get a closed beta or another, longer open beta?

I knew it was going to happen, but waking up I still sort of felt lost when I booted up my PC and the beta was over. Still, I attempted to start up the game anyway, just in case anyone at BHVR looked upon us with some amount of mercy and allowed the beta to continue. No luck, of course. The fun times are over for now.

But do they have to be? You folks at BHVR have created a fantastic gameplay loop that has already earned a dedicated core of players. That being the case, is it fair to request some kind of closed beta or other program to grant access to the game sooner rather than later? I'm sure there would be plenty of interested players to keep the population healthy even in a closed beta format. And I'm sure all of us would be super down to provide daily feedback and make the experience useful for BHVR as well. Similarly, if this were made available on Early Access tomorrow, I'd pay any dollar amount to get it.

I know I sort of sound like a child in saying that two months is too a long wait, but it is rare that a game hooks me so effectively so quickly. I feel like ya'll snagged me with a grabby trap and pulled me into an experience I simply cannot get with any other video game currently available. I'll obviously still be down to pickup the game and start building again in April but I am hoping that I won't have to.

Thank you tremendously for hearing me out! You can't see it, devs, but I'm giving you the cutest, saddest puppy eyes right now as I make this request. You can't say no to this adorable face, right?

Please? Can I play just a little longer?