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Hi, I would like to suggest an idea that I think would bring more enjoyment and satisfaction to the game. An in-game leaderboard. I think this would be the most enjoyable content for content creators, maximize the creativity this game has the potential for, and allow people to show off their stats as both a raider and map maker.

The idea of the leaderboard would have ~5-6 tabs/filters for maps. Maps with the highest kill ratio, most upvoted fun, most upvoted brutal, most upvoted ingenious, most upvoted artistic, and then possibly a recently created tab so there's a variety of featured maps. Also a way to select and view the map to see the raiders who completed the map with the quickest time, least amount of deaths, and/or possibly show stats publicly so people can see how many people attempted/succeeded etc. As a map maker, this would incentivize creating different types of maps and allow many ways to both show off fun and difficult maps. As a raider, this would appeal to different styles of players, maps for casual to competitive raiders, for raiders who enjoy speedrunning, who enjoy puzzle maps, and so on while showing off your stats as a raider as well.

For the next part, I have a suggestion for the social mechanic and an implementation for it. I think the social feature would be better if you could turn it on separately from the map being active or in overdrive. I find for some people it's tough to decide if you want to have the map on social since you can't earn points from it being active or on overdrive at the same time.

In addition to this, I think the leaderboard should allow players to attempt the map at any time as long as they have the map active, but for balancing purposes and people aren't grinding the same map for infinite rewards, add a cooldown after successfully completing a map. For example, only allow them to successfully complete it once a day. And then if the map creator also has social on, then they can attempt it an infinite amount of times for no rewards straight from the leaderboards.

And finally two side compliments to this:

  1. The ability to name your map: One thing I noticed when raiding was that the only thing that made each map look different from one another was the thumbnail. This would make a much better way to make your map look a little more unique and give an idea of what kind of map people are about to raid.
  2. Increasing rewards for maps with high kill ratios and/or the maps should be considered a little more before being put in the brutal category: As somebody who mostly played brutal maps, I found it always better to complete the easier brutal maps because 0 deaths always had better results for ranking and completing rewards. Granted this could be something that changes once there's more of a playerbase and people know more of what works and doesn't when building, but there was such a wide gap of brutal maps. some felt very easy and simple while others could take time and usually never be done in 0 deaths. I felt like their was no incentive to complete very difficult maps unless for personal challenge as a raider because deaths hurt ranking so much and you could get better overall rewards completing easier brutal maps quicker. And as a map maker, I felt it if the map was made to be difficult people rarely stuck around after dying a few times.
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