Increase immersion with some kind of global news

noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

When I boot the game, I feel a bit isolated from other players. I would like to see some activity information from other players, to feel greater immersion into the world.

A lot of games do that with a lobby where you can see other players running around. And games like Eve Online and Elite Dangerous have news bulletins, so we can hear about the actions of other players.

Here are a bunch of ideas I had for Meet Your Maker. I would also like to hear other people's suggestions!

  1. Show how many players are currently active.
  2. Show which outposts are currently trending (especially in gaining accolades).
  3. Show leaderboards for raiders, outposts, builders and chimeras. Which have made the most progress in the past few days?
  4. Perhaps each sanctuary should have its own name. Perhaps we could see other sanctuaries on a map, with some info about their recent activity. (Even if we can't raid them, just to feel some immersion in an active world.)
  5. Some kind of in-game chat? Or it could just be a feed of the Discord channel. Again, even if it's read-only, it would help us to feel the world has life in it.


  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    I mean we have the replays and the reports for the outposts, that pretty much is the activity of other players, but yea, more stuff like that would be cool.

    Leaderboards or just global stats (if only for the player himself) would be cool, and yea i would like to see more abilities to interact between raiders and builders, made a suggestion regarding that already:

    Think you shouldnt really do textchat/messages though, i can see the toxicity-level in this community increasing significantly after release...