Map rerolls?

Redbeard_Steel Member Posts: 32

Maybe I missed it while playing, but was there an option to choose to reroll the maps you had currently to play? For example, on my Brutal playlist, I had 2 maps that after a so many tries (30 minutes and a dozen deaths on one), I quit playing because they were the lazy giant rooms with 2 dozen of every infinite trap with no way to get around due to AoE attacks that don't affect guards and corrosive cubes all over. Instead of being forced to play these over and over, I would have loved to be able to reroll them and wonder if that was an option I missed?

I'd rather have paid a resource cost to just reroll them vs keep trying them for another half hour +.

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  • MiniWall
    MiniWall Member Posts: 10
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    Yes you could abandon a map while on the commander center once you had exited the map.

  • clownkrieger
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    You could abandon outposts on the list to remove them and get a new one for that genemat/advisor, but no function to reroll the whole list. Also if you encountered such outposts you could block the builder, i guess that would have removed them as well?