Encourage social raid discovery

noggieB Alpha Surveyor Posts: 63

I didn't do much social raiding. Mainly because I didn't know whose name I should type in.

So please make it easier for us to find other players to social raid:

  1. After a raid, display if the creator has social raid maps. If players enjoyed their outpost, then they may want to remember the name of the creator, so they can social raid them.
  2. On the social raid screen, as well as remembering our previous searches, also list any creators we have recently raided (provided they have some social raid outposts available).
  3. Perhaps also provide some suggestions for outposts to raid (popular/trending).


  • ClutchSSF
    ClutchSSF Member Posts: 5

    These are some good ideas. I posted something similar to this. One of the issues I saw with social is that you can't have the map set to active or overdrive while having social on at the same time so you have to choose to have it set to active/overdrive or social for no rewards. I definitely think the social feature should be more usable and have ways to find the maps through ingame.