Feature Request: Display list of top rated bases for Social Raiding

Wooooookie Member Posts: 2

I think accolades are a great concept, but their potential is not utilized completely. Correct me if I am wrong, but currently they seem only to be useful for prestige progression.

So how about integrating a top list of X entries (for example 50) in the Social Raiding tab displaying the top rated bases?

This list should be dynamic and allow the entry of a base just once, so we don't get stuck with the same bases forever. For example the top list could be generated by the rotation of accolades Day1 Fun -> Day2 Brutal -> Day3 Ingenious -> Day4 Artistic -> repeat.

This would motivate to build different styles of bases and increase the variety of encountered bases during rading.

What do you think about the proposed idea?

If you agree, don't forget to upvote so we get the attention of the developers and hopefully this feature in the future.


  • clownkrieger
    clownkrieger Member Posts: 121

    Good idea. Tbh i havent really looked at the social raid thingy so dont really know what is there already, but there definetly should at least be options that let you sort or filter the list for the different accolades and amount of them. Also date of publishing, prestige level and the like.

    You definetly are right that there needs to be a system to find new entries, or it would be saturated with old stuff at some point. Could be like a "Suggest me an oupost"-function, where you can set parameters like the accolade most given to the outpost and a timespan it was published in, and it generates a list for you maybe? Daily rotation of accolades would be saturated at some point as well.

    Also a favourite outpost system maybe? Or a "social rating" that lets you find entries others favourited/really liked?