Can i block players from my bases as builder?

Title. Ik that raiders can block builders to not get their outposts anymore, but reading on steam forum people are talking about that it works the other way around as well? How?

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  • clownkrieger
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    First thanks for not resorting to blatant personal attacks :) (well besides presuming i havent thought about this lol)

    I did, and i had some success in catching (some) speedrunners with exactly that tactic (as mentioned in another thread), and you are right that its not very intrusive to slow and careful players. An arc shield user will just press a button in that situation and keep moving though. Not gonna go into details how to counter that and the consequences that would have again, cause this whole discussion is besides the point - this is not a discussion thread but a question...

    I really think blocking players should be a thing though (cause this thread alone showed how many toxic people will be around, however that will reflect into the game), and if raiders are allowed to block builders, the opposite should be possible as well - well it seems to be, but i dont really saw how/did it when playing, so thats the reason for the question at hand. I rememeber you could open the steam-profiles from raiders from the replays though, so it might have been somewhere there.

    Will wait till game goes life and have a look again, and since no1 can actually deliver an answer and i dont want to explain myself/discuss this topic/get insulted anymore, im just gonna close this now.


  • Redbeard_Steel
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    (Just assuming here) I would think that if you block certain builders, it also blocks them from going to your bases as well. So it's not a direct "I'm blocking a raider" but more "I'm blocking this person as a whole".

    I could be totally off too though, just don't see a reason to block a raider since they can't complete a base more than once (without joining someone's raid who hasn't done your base yet).

  • clownkrieger
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    They could get my other/new bases though.

    I am thinking about this cause i (probably) dont want to systematically buld up all my ouposts against the speedrunners that dont or barely enagage with traps/guards at all, and they would be bad for my statistics :D

    If i dont get good tools against that, and dont want to build piston-hallways to slow them down and catch them, my bases will become flodded with them (remember there is that buff that gives you "intelligence" about outposts? think about that for a moment...).

    Also cheaters might become an issue at some point.

    Easiest solution to not have to bother with that as a builder is to just block people that do it when i see it in the replays...

  • Rookie1978
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    So you want to block raiders for getting through your base quickly? AKA just playing raider? What the hell are you on about?

    If people can speedrun your base, it's BADLY DESIGNED. You need to be a better builder and learn how to deal with these types of raiders instead of caring about your 'statistics' this much. If you aren't interested in building things to slow down raiders, don't cry when they get through your outpost quickly. This is an indirect PVP game and you should treat it like one.

    If you make a shoddy base design, you will get good raiders that can run through it regardless of how many you block. Blocking people for getting through your outpost quickly is the wimpiest thing I've ever seen suggested by a MYM player and we aren't even on release day yet.

  • clownkrieger
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    You are allowed to your opinion, as i am allowed to mine... i had a lot of discussions here (and elsewhere) already though to know that i am not alone with mine (as i know you are not alone with yours). Would be nice if youd respect that as well :)

    So FYI: The ease of speedrunning cause of certain game mechanics (and lack of them as well), the opness of arc shield, and people building killboxes, piston-hallways, and other layouts that are considered "unfun" by a lot as consequence of all of that, is pretty present in current discussions.

    I simply asked a question (and even gave background that you ignored). You must not like that and the implications, but if you cant answer it, better be a bit more careful with your reaction to it.

    Have a nice day.

  • Lastpenfighter
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    You aren't wrong at all here. As much as many don't wish to admit it, if speed runners are a problem for a builder, it's that builder's fault.

    To Clownkrieger and others on this board who are blocking people for being speed runners, I respectfully disagree with that being justified behavior. The raiders who can blast through a map aren't exploiting anything unfairly or being toxic. It just means you built an ineffective base. And no, you don't have to build a final kill room with trap spam like so many content creators did. There are many ways to slow down speed runners, you just need to learn them. :)

  • clownkrieger
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    Its NOT the issue that i wouldnt know how to do that (even without "killboxes" or piston stuff). Its the issue that stuff like that has - in my opinion - no place in, say for example a "normal" rated base that is tailored for a newbie experience. And that still would be "plagued" by speedrunners (and was in beta).

    Maybe get down from the high horse and dont assume "skill issues" everytime someone mentions something that doesnt fit in your view of things?

    Question: Its ok if raiders block bases of builders that they didnt like (be that just low effort, trollbase or toxic base) to not get the bases of that builder again? Why exactly is the opposite not ok?

    Still no answer to my question btw, but thx for belitteling me :)

  • Lastpenfighter
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    I didn't belittle you at any point in my post. Its unfortunate you are taking discourse about a video game so personally. There is nothing I can do about how you take my words so I suppose that is what it is.

    To address the topic at hand, "Normal" bases are most likely going to be easier to blast through simply because of the nature of the game's balance. It happens and from a builder's perspective (which is my main role) it doesn't effect you at all. My normal bases got ran a LOT by my experienced players but it was all good because almost all of them left me accolades so I got materials and such anyway and was able to prestige.

    THAT is the difference between blocking an annoying base and a raider. An annoying base disrupts that player's ability to farm gen mats, whereas being "rushed" by raiders in a speed running mood doesn't really have a demonstrable effect on a builder. Which brings us to the question you posited. This discussion is taking place because blocking raiders doesn't need to be a thing.

  • clownkrieger
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    Well yea, perception is subjective, you were the one insinuating that its a knowledge issue that leads to "ineffectiveness" and needs to be fixed by "learning"... but whatever.

    "Allmost all of them" left accolades? See, there is one of the problems. Also fyi: you dont get materials from accolades.

    So speedrunners that cant even be arsed to give me accolades "disrupt" my ability to prestige a base and farm gen mats, cause they wont even rip in a noob base.

    Lets just agree to disagree here.

    Speedrunning is a problem in this game that will lead to a lot of bad experiences for a lot of people.

  • Lastpenfighter
    Lastpenfighter Member Posts: 18

    I won't agree to disagree, because speedrunning is not a problem in this game.

  • Rookie1978
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    You can still slow down raiders in normal maps, and if your normal map is getting blasted through by a good raider and you don't wanna build around that, why is that even a problem? What's the point of you blocking people who are good at the game finishing your base quickly? Saying that instead of just building differently is crazy. It isn't a problem, it is literally your fault for not building better. I really, genuinely hope people with your reasoning and critical thinking skills don't become a permanent part of this community. As much as I want this game to grow, please stay away from it on release.

  • clownkrieger
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    I am not going to fence the same strawman a third time, and you can keep your ad hominems for yourself... i see that you cant hold up to an argument, so why bother.

    I just hope people like you dont bring the mods to close this thread before i finally got an answer to my question :)

  • Maker
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    Flat earthers, Antivax, and Trump supporters aren't alone in their beliefs either, that doesn't put them on an equal level with others, and it definitely doesn't make them right. Just say you want the ability to block people who are good at the game from obliterating your bases. Trying to block people isn't the way. Asking BHVR to provide better solutions to punish speed runners is a much more reasonable request.

  • clownkrieger
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    Oh, a new one! Well not even gonna bother with debunking this argumentative harakiri lol (its basically the same as the other two tried to pull anyways) , but you kindly ignored the passages where i mention the conditions under which - and why - i would start doing what i ask for (which i did at several other places in this forum already as well btw).

    Really, if asking a harmless question already provokes this reaktions, i see a great future for this game and its community!

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  • CotePathos
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    I'll bite the bait

    Your belief that something that will kill speedrunners will kill newbies who backstep 2 squares at the first sign of danger shows you haven't even tried thinking of solutions to this problem. an arrow trap placed blocks behind a corner aiming down a tight hallway will do nothing to a cautious player, but will force a speedster to turn around, allowing traps you put in front to do the job. Things that kill one playstyle are often bad at killing another.

    it's also not OK for raiders to block bases IMO, and I hope BHVR denies them the ability to do so.

    To answer your question, I don't know, but I hope not.