Legit Thoughts on Demo

chezpizza Member Posts: 120

So I only got to play the game for like 3 days before the demo was pulled and from what I played it was awesome. It reminded alot of old school quake. I tried to divide my time equally between raiding and building.

Looking back on raiding; it was quick and full of action. I felt has I had quick access to a variety of tools to combat various base builds, including what many might consider cheese builds. I would have liked that grenades or other deployables didn't need to crafted before jumping into an outpost and that were simply given the equip limit per spawn. Some of the designs of these outposts were extremely brutal, and baited you to wasting these items (great move to those bulders, by the way) however spawning without any of the deployables would put the raider at a massive disadvantage.

Building was also super fun. I only made 2 bases because I wanted to experience both aspects of the game equally for the limited time I had. The variety of traps including upgrades I was able to unlock really did feel as I had all the tools to challenge players. I throughly enjoyed watching the replays of raiders, not because I'm a sadist, I want people to beat the levels I designed, but because the playbacks helped me go back and tweak my base to catch traps combos that worked, combos that didn't work and possible secuirty breaches I left open aka I forgot to place a block next to the Genmat and folks just walked up, took it without triggering a single trap (doh!). I think I reworked my bases like once or twice every hour. There were some raider builds I saw, i.e. the ones with shield, deployable shield or respawn mine, where I flat out could not combat against unless I completely reworked the base layout, which isnt too bad because it prompted me to build the second base with that purpose.

All this to say, the MyM demo I played felt balanced to me. Sure, there were more powerful setups, but each setup (raider r utpost) felt like they had a counter to them. I can't wait to play more of this game and see what new traps, weapon, and designs it has to offer. Come April 4th, I will probably take the week off work to play it.