Thoughts and 3 Suggestions after an outstanding beta!

Towelie Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1

First off, I want to recognize the dev team for making such a unique and polished game so far. As of right now if this was available to purchase I would in it's current state. So my thanks for keeping a standard for what I expect a beta to be and not a buggy mess. Bravo!

After 40 hours with the game I really liked the gameplay loop that was there, however I do have some suggestions to keep me playing for longer.

Increasing my outpost getting raided: The replay system (little buggy, I'm sure you are aware) was something I utilized to improve my outpost after each raid. My issue is that I wanted more raiders. So I went to accelerate my base to output more GenMat thinking that there was a downside. Really it would just make my base not last as long before I need to Prestige. I would like to see Builders choose if they wanted more resources at the risk of having more raiders potentially raid me. Currently I find myself wanting to be more concerned about my base if I didn't watch it, in the current state I feel I can leave my traps to do the work.

Adding Guilds or Clans: I had lots of fun with my friends trying each others bases and all I could think was; what if we had a "mega-base" for our clan and it could be like a clan raid that could participate in it with other clans. A suggestion (if possible) would be to have more raiders for these particular Clan Bases, and have more than one GenMat collection. Since the base would be made in collaboration it could be possible to set up a base with multiple GenMat Collection points and each group of 2 lets say had to collect their GenMat in their respective route. This would be a feature for me to have with more than 1 other person participate in the game.

Showing my accomplishments: There was one thing I really wanted as a builder and raider, and it was to be recognized for my achievements in the game. I'll start with the Outpost/Builder. As I mentioned before, I used the replay system to gather information of how I could kill more raiders in my outpost. The Prestige system definitely shows the length of time a base has been around, but it would be nice to see how dangerous people found the base (besides the brutal rating asked at the end). As of right now raiders have no idea the accomplishments of the Builder/Raider player they are raiding. Having something to show the builders base has killed X amount of people, or the Builders "Raider Rank". Even something like a Revenge System to raid the raiders base, or like Dark Souls that people leave notes or tips on the ground at the entrance of a boss fight. It would be cool to have my raider status shown in my bases, and for players to see that I raid really well or my outpost is really good. Even a Diablo style seasonal ladder where I could build a base for that ladder and later show I got this high in the ladder with this base last season.

Overall the game is great and my suggestions should not be taken as criticism towards the game in its current state. I bring these points up out of passion and delight with where the game is at, and where I can see it going in the future. Keep up the good work.


let us know how much its gonna cost thanks.