My thoughts after the open beta

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After about 90 hours of beta here are my considerations

First of all I love this game, it's simple in concept, it can be played both fast and has huge growth potential

As for the problems encountered

1- Chimera and Advisor. I don't understand the whole concept, I don't understand the point of leveling up the character or leveling up the Chimera and the Advisors. It would make sense if you unlocked items or weapons or even simply skins or color tints for fortresses but, currently, it is useless

2- I don't really understand what the outposts are for. What do I extract? What is it for? What increases?

3- The construction of the fortress could be improved a little, sometimes it is complex to place blocks correctly or rotate them as you want, it is certainly not impossible but it could be improved and make the operation more fluid

4- Acid Cube. No. Yes they are useful for blocking passes or defending a particular area but when they become the only tactic to waste ammo then it is a bad system. They are fine but the bullet must remain outside the cube

5- Requires a cooldown time for the grappling hook

6- In the summary screen with all the available fortresses, it would be convenient to have the possibility to activate them, deactivate them, increase the prestige without having to load the map every time

7- The ability to automatically collect loot from dead raiders in the fortress AND clear flags without having to go around the map every time

8- Being a beta I imagine that weapons, armor and traps are deliberately limited because, they were only these in the final game, they are absolutely few.

9- I didn't understand the problem of assets and memory, it is impossible to add a different type of asset to each total asset, the same goes for traps

10- Many traps/guard addon make no sense at all or have poor description. For example one of the flamethrower addon say that create an explosion but i never seen it happening. Another one for the piston say "kill anyone who touch them" so i though you could not destroy them with the sword but you can so..what that addon mean ? Those are just two example but a better descrption with maybe a small video playing to show the effect of that addon is really needed

Once again, great game i really can't wait to play the live game !

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    I felt good about my hours, but 90? I'm not jealous. Not at all... :D

    1&2. So the point of the Chimera (if I understood it correctly) was to basically get enough Genetic Material (Genmat) to create a being capable of surviving on the planet after humanity fecked it over to how it is now in game (which is what the Chimera would be once completed. Though unless you're going to create an army of them, you'd think you'd want other Outposts to succeed to in order to propogate the race..). As the Advisor, you were created to take on the role of collecting this and defending your own Genmat. Leveling it up just simply gave resources, ideally there will be more reason in the launch cause, yea, it was pretty meh and while getting to level 29 was cool, it felt pointless quickly. (Honestly I think they made the game and background, then came up with the story to justify it after, but that's just my opinion).

    3&4. Agreed. 

    5. If they get rid of the need to spam grappling hook to survive, I'd love if it had a cooldown instead. Not all maps were that bad by any means, but if it'd had a cd I wouldn't have been able to progress through some at all.

    6&7. YES. I hated having to load into the map every time just to change the status/prestige (though when prestiging, you get more points for the build, so you may want to be loaded in). Having to go collect loot was only meh because I watched the recording of them raiding already, having to then go find all the places on the map and double check how they died was just a chore.

    8. I'm hopeful on this too. I'd love to see more suit options especially as the way the Master perks read was like there would be more options, because the 2 we had didn't really have a reason to mix/match. More traps would be awesome, I'd personally love something like The Cleaners (from Labrynth movie, giant moving wall with spinning spikes on the front that covers the hallway (had 2 guys moving it from behind)

    9. I think it's too early in the day or I'm too dumb to understand what you mean here unless you're talking about paint/props?

    10. I kinda laughed at the piston one when I first saw it, because I thought all pistons were "on fire" automatically until I looked at the mods. I assume it was bugged, but it should be replaced, as taking away a melee option to destroy it only leaves you with one of your few shots (which depending on the map you may not be able to recover) or (more likely) just pushing people into running only shields. I didn't run into many people using the arm shield, but forcing it as a playstyle sounds bad.

    I'd also really love to see a Social raid option that gave resources (that didn't have to be turned on separately), albeit greatly reduced rewards. Honestly unless you played with a lot of friends, it seemed more like a Streamer mode than anything.

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    For point 9 i mean after you have placed a certain number of the same asset type ( props, traps or paint ) you are not allowed to place a different one from another type unless you "free the memory" and i have no idea what does it mean

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    Huh...I never had that come up. Maybe a bug? I had a few different bugs, so I wouldn't be surprised. One where it would never remove the amount of "deaths" on a map, so for 2 of my maps I had to remember if it said 5 or 31, then no one had actually died on them (as those death numbers became permanent fixtures on those two map images). The other it'd tell me I was under the build limit by like 200, so I'd add some things, then next time I opened the map to edit it'd tell me I was overbuilt by 200.